About Me

Dheerendra Singh.. by profession he is a Cpompositing/Matchmoving Artist have good knowledge of Nuke, Maya, Boujou, PF Track, PF Matchit, Syntheyes and matchmover for matchmoving... for compositing he use Nuke and After effects.. but he prefer Nuke.. Yea.! He knows stereoscopy can tweak depths for live action footages as well as 3d. If we talk about 3d he work with Maya having good knowledge of hard surface modeling, can light things, knows unwrapping can do technical animation also with the knowledge of rigging hes also having good art and photography sense can do good experiments with camera angles.

 He's not a workaholic but believes in giving the bestest output from him within deadline. In free time you can find him doing research on latest technologies, new tools coming in the market and all the related stuff. He love his job and he is enjoying it more than anything.

Contact info- Mail id:- dsvfx@hotmail.com Cell:- +91-9527572764, +91-9652700035

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